Deaf drop in session
July 2022

Sensory Awareness Induction Workshop

Community events
The Enabled Living Lounge, 200 Chargeable Lane Plaistow E13 8DW
Thursday 14th July, 2022 - 9:30 to 13:00

About this event

During the pandemic, many residents with sensory loss have faced increased isolation and we know there has been lack of accessible information for the residents in the Deaf community who use BSL. Our workshop give you an overview of the impact that a visual, hearing and/or dual impairment can have on a person’s independence and their health & wellbeing, and how we support our customers at Enabled Living.

  • Develop a basic awareness and skills relating to sensory impairment
  • Understand the impact of sensory loss on people’s lives
  • Understand how  you can work effectively with people with sensory loss
  • Develop an awareness of communication issues facing people with sensory impairment
  • Learn from people living with sensory loss
  • Learn about the work of  the Enabled Living Sensory Team

Sensory Awareness Induction Workshop

 Thursday 14th July 2022, 9.30am – 1.00pm

The Enabled Living Lounge, 200 Chargeable Lane Plaistow E13 8DW



Contact details

If you would like to book your place or want to find out more, you can contact the course organiser. Details are listed below. 

Rukhsana Ahmed - Training & Events Officer

020 3373 6575