Have your say on accessing GP services in Newham

We want to hear your views to find out if access to your GP service has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Access to GP Services 

Sometimes health care services can be difficult to use. For example, sometimes it can be hard to get through on the phone to make a GP appointment, or perhaps the appointments available are at a difficult time, or appointments are not long enough.

During the COVID-19 pandemic GPs have been doing more remote appointments (telephone, video and online) compared to face to face. Most practices also now have systems where you cannot directly book an appointment with a doctor without speaking to someone or filling in a form first. It is not fully known what patients feel about this, or whether these changes have made things easier or more difficult.

Healthwatch Newham now wants to understand how accessing appointments at your doctors (GP) has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to get your views on how easy or difficult it has been to get care from your doctor since these changes. We will use this information to guide and support GPs to provide the best services for everyone in the future.

Get Involved 

We are looking for seldom heard voices to take part in a one-hour interview with our study team (and receive a £10 voucher for your time), to find out if you are eligible please contact:


020 3866 2969 

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