Coordinate My Care (CMC): personalised plan online

All London residents can now have a personalised care plan. The plan is linked to all the urgent care services including 111, the out of hours GPs, the London Ambulance Service and all the emergency departments.
Coordinate my care

What is Coordinate My Care (CMC)?

CMC is an NHS clinical service that was launched in August 2010 to deliver integrated, coordinated and high quality medical care, built around each patient’s personal wishes.

CMC supports patients in situations requiring urgent care by hosting an electronic, personalised, urgent care plan accessible to all health and social care professionals and urgent care providers look after them: such as 111, the out-of-hours GPs, the Ambulance Service and the Emergency Departments.

The urgent care plan is created jointly by the patient and their healthcare professional and lists the patient’s wishes and care preferences, and includes practical information (where they keep their medicines, or who to contact in an emergency, for example).

It is available 24/7 across London and keeps the patient and their plan, preferences and wishes at the heart of their own healthcare.

I am in individual and I want personalised care

Would you like a personalised plan that includes your wishes and preferences?

Click below to fill the online questionnaire with your details.

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As soon as you complete the questionnaire and you press the submit button, the questionnaire will automatically go to your NHS GP. Your GP will then add your clinical details and approve the plan. Once the plan is approved all the urgent care services can view it. This way, 111, the out of hours GPs, the London Ambulance Service and the emergency departments will have key information about you, so they won’t be strangers to you when they are called.

For more information:

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