International Clinical Trials Day 2015 - Get Involved!

Clinical research allows us to develop new knowledge that can help us find more effective treatments, ways of looking after our patients and keeping people healthy.

Research is not just about laboratory work: it also needs people to become involved through participating and sharing their experiences and ideas with us in order to make our research most effective.

Many of our doctors and nurses working across our hospitals play a key part in research and so do our patients, their families, carers and friends. Without this collaboration in research, many now treatable diseases would still remain a serious threat to health in society.

Get involved and help make a difference from 20th -29th May 2015.

In recognition of International Clinical Trials Day, and the importance of promoting patient participation in clinical trials and involvement in research, Barts Health will be hosting a series of activities between 20th and 29th May 2015, for patients and members of the public, as well as staff, to find out about the different studies we have and the many ways they can get involved.

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