NHS Long Term Plan: What has the NHS planned for the next 10 years?

The NHS Long Term Plan outlines how additional NHS funding will be spent to ensure, that over the next 10 years, the health service is fit for the future.
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Some of the ambitious changes are centred on prevention, staffing and tackling inequality with the largest funding increases directed at GPs, mental health and community care. The proposal aims to deliver world-class care for major health problems, ensure the best start in life for all and to support people to age well. While the plan is accepted as a welcome move by some, concerns remain about whether it is achievable.

  • A New Service Model The NHS has stated there will be a guaranteed investment of £4.5bn each year in primary care and community services by 2023/24.
  • Prevention and Inequality The Plan states that 500,000 lives could be saved each year through the Plan’s combined preventative action and early detection.
  • Tackling Workforce Pressures Current staff will be supported with more flexibility in their working hours and career.
  • Harnessing Technologies The NHS will create the right for all people to access GP services digitally.

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