Young people engagement

In 2017–2018, our team engaged with young people to obtain feedback regarding their experiences with Health and Social Care services in Newham.
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We engaged with roughly 100 young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years old. Our team visited the Newvic college in Newham, the NCS and the University of East London. We asked students about their experiences of oral, mental, sexual and general health services. 


doctors at the GP can be patronizing as they do not speak to us like adults
— Abdul, student

Key Findings

  • There is a lack of information on where to go for support and they have concerns around confidentiality of their personal information.
  • There is stigma associated with accessing health services and feel that when they do raise concerns their issues are not take as seriously as they should, which further deter young people accessing health services.
  • That to make services more accessible to them, they would value friendlier GP staff
  • The opportunity to see the same doctor would make them more likely to visit their GP as they emphasised the importance of having trusting relationships with healthcare professionals.


  • Young people friendly materials should be developed (paper and online) to ensure young people have better access to information concerning their health and where to go if they have concerns.
  • Improved information, clarification and reassurance around young people’s personal data and information should be provided, as confidentiality and privacy were major concerns among young people when considering visiting a GP or health service.
  • Provide guidance on the importance of prevention and self-care for longer healthier adulthood.

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